Race Reports

    Tommy Stride (Wire Haired Fox Terrier)

Nickname : Tommo

D.O.B. 8th December 1995

Lives in : Frome Somerset

Occupation : Retired

Position In Team : Workshop Security / Vermin Control / Team Mascot

Marital Status : Single

Motorsport Heroes : Frazer Nash as in a LAT photograph he's seen wearing a cat skin Hat! 

Other Heroes : His dad Champ 'Trevalla Special Strike'  as he almost made the crufts final 1996, He 'Went for'  the Airdale Terrier that won the terrier group

Interests : Chasing cats, Barking, Eating, Sleeping, Country Walks, Catching Vermin including Cats

Dislikes : Cats, Pizza Mopeds, Postman, Vets, Joggers, Children, and King Charles Spaniels (as they have bulgy eyes) 

Favorite Food : Roast Chicken, Markies, Cat 

Favorite Drink : Water from a garden plant pot

Favorite Movie : All Creatures Great & Small (a Fox Terrier bites Vet), Titanic (a Fox Terrier makes a brief appearance)

Favorite Music/Band : Cat Stephens

Favorite Websites : www.foxterrier.com  www.thefoxterrierclub.co.uk www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_1534821.html (Must try this one)

email address : tommy@stritech.co.uk